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Read a code can be a pain, especially if you wrote it years ago or if someone else have to read it later. Fortunately, you are using Sublime Text !
So I recently learned to add space to my code; add some empty lines to separate blocks of related content and, more recently, between brackets.
Here is the solution to automatically add space between your brackets in Sublime text 2 or 3.


Here is how to tell to Sublime text to do that automatically

Open the user key binding file (Preferences -> Key Bindings – User) and copy this code :


The interesting part is :

This is the result you want : [a space], the bracket, “$0” is where your cursor will be, then, the closing bracket.

Then, on line 10, you have to do the same for the case when your type a bracket to enroll your current selection :

After that, on line 16, we manage the suppression of the open-bracket, to remove the close-one.

You can do the same for all type of brackets : square “[” and curvy “{“.


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