Why “Agile” and especially Scrum are *not* terrible

Some weeks ago, Michael O. Church wrote about his “dislike” about Agile and, especially Scrum. Today, a colleague of mine send me link to his post, and I’d like to answer him.

Scrum, is a nightmare that I’ve seen actually kill companies.
— Michael O. Church

Michael, it’s pretty explicit, and shows a great distress about your Scrum experience. But, as I try to demonstrate below, I fell that this bad experience comes from, simply as that, a bad project manager.

Even if this billet d’humeur is well constructed, Michael, it clearly demonstrate a big misunderstanding of what Scrum should be, and agile in general. All you described in your post is contrary to all Scrum spirit. And should not even been called Scrum or agile. Continue reading Why “Agile” and especially Scrum are *not* terrible

Composer: save the output to a file

For a while now, at Silicon, we use a combination of Capistrano and Composer to deploy our websites and other services we created.

We tried many possibilities, the one we choose is to run composer install on every deployment. But that means that a dependancy (plugin or theme) can be updated during the deployment.

Of course, it’s not perfect, in an ideal world, we would have a staging server to test and validate the deployment, but it’s not the case. So, to keep a track of Composer’s updates during deployment, I had the idea to mail the output of Composer after the end of the deployment. For doing that, I need to store Composer output in a file and, only if the deployement was successful, send the email with the content of this file. Continue reading Composer: save the output to a file

Monitoring MongoDB in Munin on Ubuntu (updated)

If you try now to install Munin monitoring for MongoDB database, you’ll find in the Mongo’s documentation, a link to an repository for munin plugins. The bad thing is this repository were updated for the last time on Feburay 2012. Of course, since 2012, MongoDB evolved and this plugins were not working at all on a recent version of MongoDB (2.6+).

Principally because MongoDB now removed the auto activation of the rest server (for security reasons). Continue reading Monitoring MongoDB in Munin on Ubuntu (updated)

Emailings: 2 tips to double your open rates

When we redesigned our newsletters, we came from far.

I arrived in the company to find very bad emailing practices. No responsive at all, no TEXT version, absolutely all best practices were missed by my predecessor.

Recently, I’ve been in charge of the redesign of all newsletters for many countries. Now, all our newsletters are responsive, has a TEXT version and some other best practices like physical address, two one-click-unsubscription links and many more…

But with several years of bad practices, how to tell our subscribers to open this new newsletter? If they were used to not open it, why would they now? And if they not, our redesign will be useless.

All is not perfect yet, but with two tips, help user to open your newsletter and increase your open rates.

Continue reading Emailings: 2 tips to double your open rates